Heat exchanger housings

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We produce high quality welded housing for heat exchangers of dimensions up to 20 meters. All the housings we provide in accordance with the technical drawings and information given by the client during placing the order.

We made all heat exchanger housings from certified materials only. Next to the standard material certification 3.1 at the client’s request we also carry out certification 3.2. We grant a two-year guarantee for all of our housings, which according to the client's request can be extended.

We supply finished products throughout Europe. By prior arrangement, we enable picking up the finished products from our production hall in Bytom by customer or transport company rented by the client.

All welding works in the area of producing heat exchanger housings we carry out welding in accordance with our own technology in the following ways:

  • 141 method TIG (tungsten inert gas).  Welding method using resistant electrode in inert gases (Argon),
  • 135 method MAG (metal active gas). Semi-automatic welding in active gases with solid wire
  • 136 method. Semi-automatic welding in active gases with core wire 
  • 111 method. Shielded manual arc welding – for special services.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our Marketing Department.