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Sursys - company headquarters

Certainly you are wondering what else can be said about a company producing steel constructions and components, except that it’s a company producing steel constructions and components. Contrary to what might seem, quite a lot…

SURSYS LLC was founded in 2001 in Tarnowskie Góry. From the very beginning of its existence the company’s focused on designing and manufacturing welded steel constructions. Thanks to this, today we can accomplish each and every task in this sector.

After six years of activity our previous production hall turned out to be too small for our capabilities and growing expectations of our customers, so we found ourselves a bigger one. After some time, the bigger one turned out to be too small and in 2013 we purchased a new production hall of 4500m2 in Bytom. Moreover, in order to meet the requirements of the market we have created a fully equipped position for manufacturing products from stainless and acid-proof steel.

After what you’ve read you may get an impression that moving from place to place is closer for us than actual welding, but it’s just an impression! After further adaptations of our production area we gained capacity to manufacture large-size constructions, complex fan and heat exchanger housings as well as assemble complete industrial equipment, especially fans. With increasing possibilities we have perfected our "know-how" and carried out projects on larger and larger scale. Thanks to this today our designers are ready to solve almost every technical problem in the field of steel constructions, convectors and fan. Moreover, our welders and iron-workers carry out commissioned works for the benefit of our customers and partners in the country and abroad.

If you need a fan, steel construction, housing for a fan or heat exchanger, or you want to hire a professional welder or order some welding work be sure to see our offer for more details!

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